HDPE Gloves

Rękawice foliowe jednorazowe HDPE Iris Pack Mr Shmister Polska

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Product description

Disposable polyethylene gloves are made of low pressure polyethylene.
Only virgin raw materials of European origin are used in the production process.
Transparent disposable gloves reliably protect hands from grease, dirt and unpleasant odours when working with food, chemicals and are used in various fields of activity

  • In catering or retail, they ensure maximum personal hygiene for employees;
  • In hairdressing salons, protecting the hands of staff from paints, nail varnishes and other cosmetic products;
  • In the home, protect hands from chemical exposure of cleaning products;
  • Ideal for use in areas where frequent glove changes are a requirement of the work process.

Main advantages:
– low price
– versatile: various applications.
– packed in groups of 50 pairs (100 pcs)